What is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is a little-known, but valuable and valid strategy to increase cash flow and reduce income taxes for commercial property owners and lessees. We specialize in Cost Segregation Studies for commercial, industrial, and institutional properties of all types. 90% of eligible businesses are not currently using cost segregation.  This valuable tax strategy is not commonly understood which is why clients use our expertise.




What businesses are eligible?

Legal Entity

  • Pass Through Entities such as: Sole Proprieterships; Partnerships, LPs, LLPs, S Corps, Certain Trusts, LLCs

  • C-Corps

  • REITs

Value of assets

  • Purchase/construction cost in excess of $450,000, exclusive of land

  • Leasehold improvements in excess of $200,000

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 What types of properties will benefit?

  • New construction

  • Purchase of existing property

  • Renovations or expansion

  • Existing property placed in service after 1986 (“look-backs”)

  • Leasehold improvements

  • Real property stepped-up through estate

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