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We are the accountants who increase your IRS refund.

Who are so confident in our work that it is free if we don’t save you money. 

We provide tax services to owners of commercial real estate. We work with your existing accountant - not in competition with them. We’re the kicker to your quarterback; the brain surgeon to your primary care physician. We provide cost segregation: a niche tax service that creates accelerated depreciation, lowering your taxable income. Fortune 500 companies use this strategy, shouldn’t you? 90% of eligible building owners are missing out – don’t be one of them.

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Cost Segregation Services


Cost Segregation can make or break your business. We have delivered tax savings from $19,000 to $5.6M, for NYSE listed and for single member LLCs, for new construction and for properties built in the early 1900s. The common thread: all received significant reductions in income taxes owed, or IRS refunds. How you use these savings to grow your business is up to you.


What is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is an engineering based tax strategy which reduces taxable income for commercial property owners and lessees. It segregates the real property from the personal property elements of a property, producing greatly accelerated depreciation. No item is too small – be it a wall mounted doorstop, or the electrical conduit inside your walls. If it can save you money, we will identify it. All commercial properties are eligible: residential multi-family rentals; distribution and warehousing; medical office buildings; shopping centers; restaurants.


Cost Segregation FAQ